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Caserita Apart Hotel - LA PAZ BOLIVIA

Caserita Apart opened its doors in July 2011: it is a new project and service of Caserita.com.

Caserita.com is a small business selling Bolivian handicrafts online. It supports many artisans, mainly from La Paz, by opening the door to international trade.

Founded in 2003, Caserita.com quickly grow and today wants to make known the country of origin of its products to its customers.

So Caserita.com has created a general information site about Bolivia (www.caserita.info). On this site you can find all the information to discover the country and / or prepare a trip (practical information, tourism, photos, gastronomy, etc.).

Finally, Caserita.com offers appartments which are in the heart of the administrative bolivian capital, La Paz .

Caserita now offers you to discover La Paz by feeling at home and enjoying multiple services that will make your life easy and comfortable.

Caserita Apart is also ideal for any business trip or medium duration because its rates are weekly and decreasing depending on the duration.

Caserita Apart is a new concept of accommodation designed especially for anyone who travels and wants to stay independent by renting an apartment for a short time and having the opportunity to enjoy the services of a hotel.
This is a personal apartment with all the amenities that this implies (fully equipped kitchen, living room, private bath, bedroom, television, etc.).
The Caserita Apart is a little different from the classic Apart hotel which is rented at night. At Caserita you will have a price from 3 days and reduced prices for longer stay.
This concept will allow you to rent a short-term apartment, which is more economical and comfortable than a hotel room.
Caserita offers a safe place, with cocoon apartments, simple and clean that will make more comfortable stays as a businessman or tourist.

Calle Rosendo Gutierrez #1063 Casi Jaimes Freyre


Email: contact@caseritaaparthotel.com                     
Tel.: (591) 2 2418975
Tel. / whatsapp: (591) 67066775

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